Posting is one of the ways to express yourself, and also make money from views. To avoid rejection of your post, please follow the guidelines for using images and videos on our platform.

Posts with the following content are prohibited

  • drugs;
  • child porn;
  • violence, suicide;
  • religious content;
  • state symbols;
  • personal data of other users;
  • offensive content;
  • materials with copyright infringement;
  • images and videos of poor quality, difficult to distinguish;
  • names and links of third-party sites except those which are related to your personal donate page.

Posts in the feed have more views

For your post to get published on the main page of the app (the feed), it should be interesting to users. Uniqueness, HD resolution of a photo or video, a meaningful description and relevant tags are the attributes of a high-quality publication. Even if your post is not in the feed, it is always visible to other users in your blog and by clicking on the filter tag that you assigned to this post.

Importance of tags

Don't forget to add relevant tags to your post. In this case, it would be found by search filters. This will expand the reach of users and increase overall views.