General reasons the channel stopped working:
1) Wrong format of your RSS link: the parser cannot read this RSS feed.
2) No links found inside RSS. This also happens – either the RSS format is incorrect, or the parser does not see the links.
3) No publication date for this RSS found in the RSS Feed.
4) The publication date in the RSS Feed is a future one, for example, 15 Oct 2025.
5) There are blacklisted links in the RSS Feed. Both an RSS domain and the links from channel posts can be blacklisted.

Local reasons for particular posts:
1) The parser could not download a picture using the link from the post.
2) The parser could not open the downloaded picture.
3) The picture is smaller than 500pх to 500px.
4) The parser could not get the video title for the post so the video cannot be downloaded.

There may be other reasons, like:
1) If an Instagram account is the channel source, the owner can make it private so the content will not be seen. The profile can be private from the beginning but you do not see this as you have subscribed to this page.
2) There is a link to a playlist containing .m3u video pieces instead of a link to the video. The playlist will not be downloaded and added to the diary.

Contact us if you are having troubles connecting and dealing with RSS.