There are 4 ways how broadcasters can generate money:

1.Messages and private chats

Users pay to message broadcasters. Private conversations (cam2cam) bring broadcasters coins every minute.

2.Pay per view (by posting posting photos and videos)

As a platform we pay per each 50 views of the creator’s publication 200 coins ($0,04) - this sum can be considered as a low, but the nubmers of generated content has no limits, and many photos get more than 1000 views. Also broadcasters can hide content from public view and can set a price for whatch.

You are able to make a passive income with a content published by your broadcasters. All clips and photos brings you money every time they are viewed.

3.Interactive live shows

Every live stream has a script and a number of related activities to be performed by a broadcaster.

4. Donations and gifting

Viewers tend to thank broadcasters for their content by sending them monetary incentives.