Who are creators?

- Any user in the Ulive platform can become a creator. To start, they only need to start publishing photos or videos in their diary or launch a live broadcast— just like on Instagram or YouTube. But Ulive will pay them.

Why should I invite creators?

- Every time a creator profits on Ulive, the user who invited them receives 10% of the amount withdrawn!

Why should creators enjoy the service?

- We have a unique offer for creators: they get paid for every view. It's possible to get up to 200 coins (almost $0.04) per  publication view. In addition, creators can run live broadcasts and receive up to 300 coins ($0.05) per minute in public broadcasts and up to 3,000 coins ($ 0.5) in private broadcasts. Don't forget about paid actions and gifts from viewers. Also, any creator can join our affiliate program and start leading new users to the platform. In this case, they get 30% from payments made by their referrals, while you will get 10% from the creator's revenue.

Where to look for creators?

1. Choose a website where creators publish their content. Examples:








2. Compose a catchy cover letter and send it to creators directly or share a link via social media.

3. Find your personal affiliate link for inviting creators in the affiliate account at https://ulive.work/account/partner-login.

What publications are the most demanded?

- Currently, we are actively promoting posts related to humor, cosplay, anime, girls, sports, cooking, comics, and drawings.