We are looking for independent girls who are not afraid of responsibility. Choose your own schedule and work conditions, and earn as much as you want. Read this article to learn more about webcamming at flirtymania.com.

Basic principles

A webcam model starts a live stream, and then guests (prospects) join her video chat. The better model looks and behaves, the better chances she has to attract more viewers and convert them into paying customers.

Private chat rooms are paid more than public ones. Empathy, self-confidence and a pleasant appearance usually help models earn money here. Having at least one of these qualities allows you to perform well at flirtymania.com.

Making your apartment look better

Nice and comfy home will make your audience feel nice and comfy too. Chances are, satisfied viewers would like to pay more. Actually, there are 3 simple rules every cam girl should know:

  • Make sure the shoot is clean and tidy

  • Add something special to your room interior

  • Start with what you have and improve the setting as you earn more

Don’t try to show all of your fancy stuff on camera at once. Remember, you are the star here.

How to choose a webcam room

Custom brand new design is a bonus, not a must. The main idea here is to build a comfortable environment where you can work without any distraction.


Suitable furniture and no bathroom noises are half the work. Moreover, the bedroom is the most romantic place in your apartment. If you have some naughty ideas for live streams, go for this option.


Kitchen is about food and pleasure. Guys love both. Does it ring a bell? Play a housewife or amaze viewers with your baking skills. Dance, act foolishly for a while or just eat noisily. Whatever works for you and your viewers.


Take a sensual bath with rose petals. You can use your beauty and sex appeal to attract more viewers. The webcam industry encourages you to be creative and use your imagination.


However, this might be risky for your equipment — bad lighting and too much humidity.  Choose waterproof gadgets or just be more careful. 

Creating the right atmosphere

Use appropriate furniture

Remember, you should feel comfortable. Make some extra space if you plan to move a lot across a room.


For cozy broadcasts use your bedroom. It is better to use a double bed or big sofa. Hang an elegant silk canopy for a more princess-like look. You can also use an armchair for more lively performances.


Rearrange your setting sometimes and change interior elements so that your viewers don’t get bored.

Do not overdo the background

Take away all ill-fitting trinkets and clothing items.  


If there is some mismatch that cannot be put away, just cover it up with another beautiful decoration. 


Neutral colors:

  • Lilac

  • Pink

  • Light blue

  • Yellow

  • White

  • Light grey

More aggressive colors:

  • Red

  • Black

  • Violet

Avoid long exposure

Sun is okay for streaming but be sure to use the correct angle and control the amount of light in the frame. Make sure the picture is perfect before starting your broadcast. Use blinds if necessary.

Keep props nearby

Other advice: do not disappear from the webcam frame for long; prepare everything you might need beforehand. 

Keep your plot in mind while preparing the set and minor decorations. Plush toys, warm LED lights and pink pillows will create an appropriate atmosphere. Put on glasses and place a pair of books on your desk to look like a teacher or secretary.  

Turn on music

Get rid of distracting noises before working in a video chat . Of course, you cannot prevent noisy neighbors from interfering, but at least create a peaceful children-free area. Complete silence is also uncomfortable, so prepare a suitable playlist. Don’t make the music too loud. Otherwise, you’ll have to shout.

Neutral music genre:

  • Chillout

  • Lounge

  • Ambient

  • New age

Feel free to sing or play musical instruments. Men like girls with music skills.

Set up lighting

Try not to make it too bright or too dark.

Avoid this

  • Using cold bulbs: they make you look pale and sick

  • Streaming against light: you risk blinding viewers and making them feel uncomfortable

  • Uneven lighting: it distorts everything

  • Bad sunlight and lamp matching: the video becomes blurred

Do this

  • Make sure that the sunlight in the working zone is not too bright and falls under the right angle

  • Choose 4 warm-shade light sources. The best are LED 2700 — 3000 K

  • First lamp goes under your computer, closer to you, another 3 are placed on the ceiling, 1.5 m from the camera. If you have wall lights, use them instead.

  • Use warm lighting to look fit and tanned

Use high quality gear

Your success depends on the quality of your equipment. As a beginner, you can pick something less expensive but be ready to replace it with better stuff later as you make more money.

In addition, it’s very important to organize the room in such a way that allows you to move freely and remain in the center of the frame.


Aside from a computer you will need:

  • A monitor (two, if you work on several sites)

  • A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse 

  • A remote webcam

You may want to purchase additional photo equipment to improve picture quality.

Summing up

Camming on Flirtymania allows you to earn from home as an independent cam girl. 


Don’t worry if your current income does not allow custom designs or other expensive stuff. You can decorate a small part of the room — viewers won’t see the rest of your place.